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AVI8GLOBAL - Technical Consultancy Services in Aircraft Operation and Asset Management. From Continuing Airworthiness issues to On-Site Representations and Component Management.

  • Aircraft Re-Delivery/Transition Management.
  • Aircraft/Fleet Status Reports.
  • Aircraft Physical Checks.
  • Management of Airframe/Engine/Landing Gear Records.
  • AD/SB/Modifications Assessments.
  • Management of Life-Limited, Hardtime, Serialized Components.
  • Compilation, Development, Implementation, Ammendment, Control and Administration of Aircraft Maintenance Programmes. Evaluation of existing Aircraft Maintenance Programmes.
  • Management, Reporting and Digitizing of any type of DFPs.
  • Production of Work Packs in acocrdance with the AMP.
  • Reliability Reports Compilation and Reviews Management.
  • Technical Records Management, Digitalization and Storage.
  • Engine, Landing Gear and APU Reporting.
  • Management of Cabin Equipment, Safety Equipment and Burn Certificates.

  • Programme Management for BAse Maintenance Inputs at short notice, anywhere.
  • Workpack Management, Non-Routine Work Management, Control of Time and Cost, Management of Cost and Timely Delivery of Parts required and traceability of Parts Off until dispatch or disposal.
  • Usage of our own Base Maintenance Software Platform for the duration of the Input. See full description of the Base-Support Platform here

  • Our Team have extensive experience with aviation parts management. We undertake Parts Technical Records checks from Hardtime Control to Back to Birth. On Parts management we have also developed two Online Software Platforms that have been designed through our experience.
  • Avio-Support Platform manages a Part-145 Stores section. See full description of the Avio-Support Platform here
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