Our goal is to combine Engineering and Mathematics with Football!

  • Work is in Progress on this attempt of ours to combine our Engineering Mathematical Skills with our passion for Football. Below are some screenshots of our Work In Progress.
  • Workcards in Progress

    Our Algorithms analyse Leagues and their Teams allocating them mathematically Power Ratings thus being able to make an educated guess on their upcoming fictures!
    Parts Required
    Various Statistics for Teams.

    We calculate all sorts of useful statistics for the Teams that are later used in calculating their various ratings.
    Parts Required
    League Statistics.

    Each League is allocated its own numbers some of which are easily presentable to the user.
    Parts Required
    Team Statistics.

    Same goes for each Team. All the numbers are gathered to present to our Algoritm useful facts about the Team Performance in various circumstances.
    Parts Required
    Numbers presented Graphically.

    There's nothing better than a picture to tell a story. Wherever possible we try to use graphs to show trends that need to be known.

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