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avio-support.com - the complete aviation procurement platform

Covering the complete life-cycle of the parts from engineer request to usage and disposal.
All details of parts, source, costs and lifecycle covered with various automations to assist the user and safeguard traceability.
Complete traceability of all parts entering and leaving the airline's premises

  • Automatic notification of the nominated personnel when a new request is entered.
  • Request entails component details and urgency levels.

  • Request for Quote process automated and RFQ emails sent to potential suppliers via the platform with the click of a button.
  • Replies via platform populate the RFQ data for ease of RFW Supplier selection.
  • RFQ Data saved indefinitely for traceability purposes.

  • Purchase Orders generated automatically from the winning RFQ to the selected Supplier.
  • Expected Dates inserted and added to 'live' calendar.

  • Components inserted into bonded Stores ready for issuing to aircraft.
  • Automatic generation of Serviceable/Unserviceable Tags.

  • Complete history of every component issued to specific aircraft.
  • Records created for all conmponents removed from all aircraft.
  • Automatic generation of Packing Slips for sending Serviceable or Unserviceable components to various partners or repair stations.

  • Searchable and Reportable records for all Costs.
  • Live Control of Home Based Stock and notifications of missing items.
  • Control of Tooling, Due Dates and Check In/Out module for all personell.
  • Shelf Life Control of all components with dates included in 'live' calendar.
  • Complete listings for all parts issued to each aircraft and all parts removed.
  • Records of Installed Parts Performance and notifications of likely premature failures.
  • Acceptable Deferred Defects recording and linking to Orders for better control of in-time deliveries.
  • Minimum Stock levels control and notofications for in-time ordering.
  • Rotable and Consumable Usage statistics.
  • Reports on Part/Serial Number Movements.
  • AirWay Bill [AWB] traceability and reporting for both Incoming and Outgoing shipments. Individual Packing Slip inter-connection
  • Workshop Reports Module with control of missing reports.
  • Document Approval System with automated emailing to Approval personell.
  • Procedures, Manuals, Certificates and other Documents Module to keep all docs in one place.
  • Internal Messaging System for all users with Receipt Acknowledgement.
  • Work Order Module linking parts required and issued..
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    Calendar Feature.
    A 'live' calendar depicting various key events as Acceptable Deferred Defect expiries, Components Expected Dates, Shelf Lives reached, Payment Deadlines etc.
    First Glance
    First Glance.
    A first glance at key pending & open issues to facilitate the operation.
    Tools Booking System
    Tools Booking System.
    A Tools Booking System to make sure all Tools are accounted for at all times.
    Purchase Orders Management
    Purchase Orders Management.
    The Purchase Order Control where all pending Purchase Orders are presented.
    Home Based Stock
    Home Based Stock.
    A birds-eye view of the missing Rotable Components to enable personnel to make the necessary actions to retrieve missing items.
    Shelf Life Control
    Shelf Life Control.
    Apart from the Shelf Life Notification System a listing of what's coming up in the next days/weeks to enable in-time stock replenishment.
    Specific Part/Serial Number Traceability.
    Ability to query all movements of a specific Part Number or Serial Number in all parts of the system.

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