don't just RFQ to a couple of suppliers. RFQ just once to 700+ suppliers, just email your requirements to
we are AOG'live'. No online databases, no outdated inventories. A dedicated person will be with you on Tel and Email with your requirement, 24-7-365 | Procurement Outsourcing

do you have a gap in your purchasing cycle?
are there material based operation disruptions to your flying programme?
do you want help in organising special inputs where material requirements are numerous?

AOGlive in combination with our Software Platform Avio-Support [click] as well as our Base Maintenance Event Platform Base-Support [click] can assist in a combination of the following:
  • Our team can be assigned to consult on your procurement cycle. Find the problems and make suggestions on rectifying them.
  • We can take over all or part of your purchasing and logistics control as:
    • Take over the AOG procurement activity. From ordering/purchasing through to logistics until the component is in your engineers hands.
    • Take over all or part of the Routine purchasing and logistics activity on your behalf.
    • Take over special procurement activity such as Base Maintenance inputs where ordering and logistics can save time and money.

    aviation procurement solutions tailored to your needs

    Routine Purchasing & Logistics
  • We can fit in your current purchasing program and fill the gaps that cause material based dusruptions to your operation.
  • Whether you are bound by a Power-By-the-Hour or a Time and Material Contract, or whether you are in a Pool Access Agreement or just shopping around for every requirement.
  • AOG Purchasing & Logistics
  • Assign the sourcing of the critical components causing your operation disruption to us.
  • Take the stress of where the component is on its way to the AOG site and pass it on to us.
  • Base Maintenance Procurement Activity & Special Inputs
  • Get help from us in organising your Base Maintenance procurement activity from well in advance.
  • Give us the responsibility to locate and position at the Base Maintenance venue all material required because of findings.
  • Ad-Hoc Service

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